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Motorcycle Towing Service

Some people mistakenly think that motorcycle towing is somehow simpler or easier than towing bigger vehicles. At Towing Sugar land we know that this is most definitely not the case. We have set out to include a top class, highly professional motorcycle towing service among the complete range of towing services we offer the community of Sugar land.

The Challenges Involved

Towing cars, vans, mini-busses, motor homes, or any other type of vehicle is undoubtedly challenging, motorcycle towing is, in some ways, even more so.
It is true that motorcycles are lighter and less cumbersome than other vehicles, but the reason towing motorcycles is still more difficult is that they are much less stable and tend to tip over quite easily.

Motorcycles can only be towed flatbed, i.e. loaded onto a flat surface at back of a tow truck. They cannot be pulled up onto the flatbed tow truck by winch as easily as other types of vehicles are. Therefore, loading a motorcycle onto a tow truck is an art in its own right. The motorcycle must be either pushed up along a ramp (if possible, while using the motorcycle’s own engine to make rolling it up easier) or pulled by the tow truck’s winch while a tow tech accompanies it all the way up  onto the flatbed in order to ensure it remains upright.

Once a motorcycle has been successfully loaded onto the flatbed tow truck it must be secured tightly so that it will not budge an inch during the ride. It’s true that this needs to be done with every vehicle towed flatbed but motorcycles are harder to secure properly since there’s a real danger of them toppling over during the ride.

Highly Professional Service, Available Round the Clock

At Towing Sugar Land we know that you may need a reliable motorcycle towing service unexpectedly at anytime. Our services are available nonstop, each and every day, all year round. We guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location in or around Sugar Land.

Towing Sugar Land is known for its high professionalism, our rates are also practically impossible to beat.  So, if you need a motorcycle towing service in, from or to Sugar Land you can do no better than to call on us to provide you with it.