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Towing Sugar Land’s Experts on How to Change a Tire in 8 Simple Steps

Changing a tire is simple. Here are 8 simple steps for changing a car tire from start to finish:

  1. The equipment needed is: car jack, spare tire, wrench, reflective jacket, warning triangle.
  2. First, pull over to the side of the road, with a safe distance for yourself away from other vehicles.
  3. Wear the vest and place the warning triangle several yards behind your car.
  4. Take out the wrench and lifting jack and loosen the bolts. Put your body weight on the wrench to get them moving. First loosen each bolt and eventually unscrew them altogether.
  5. Once all the bolts are out, place the jack under the car near the flat tire. The jack should fit underneath a hard metallic part. Do not place it under plastic or anything unsteady.
  6. Use the jack until it is above ground. Remove the flat tire.
  7. Place the new tire and fasten the bolts. Place them tightly.
  8. Lower the car and remove the jack.

That’s it. From here you should head to a garage that will fix the flat tire for you.